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My Daily Motivation: “Just Go!” Don’t Stop

I religiously visit this website several times daily just to listen to the Motivational Mixx “Just Go!”


Digital Wisdom: The Peaceful Black Warrior. Life Builder. “Encouraging, Teaching and helping others as I go through it myself.”…Just Go! Don’t Stop.
For most of my life, I have struggled financially, failed in numerous businesses & even was partially homeless at one point, waking up with lint & roaches in my pockets- standing in soup kitchen lines and crying through the night. I know what it feels like to loose just about everything to the point where my office became the public library, (which I still use occasionally) I’m calling clients from a payphone & asking them to pay me in cash because my bank account was so negative.

My family and I have learned gratefulness for the smallest things through living in lack for so long. I thank God they are still with me although there were times I almost lost them due to financial problems, being laid off with few skills, diabetes, hypertension and numerous other health, mental & financial problems. I know too well what it feels like to reach the end of yourself and beyond into that dark, paralyzing, lonely abyss of despair. What I found there (or what found me) was My Holy Spirit just waiting for me to fully surrender so that it could pick me up & carry me through. That is where I heard these two words from WITHIN spoken to to the core of my soul:

“Just Go!” (download that original song here: my true story

That has made ALL the difference. I am now turning my entire life around through conscious knowledge of self, education, law of attraction and enlightenment. I am also coaching others on how to do the same. It is my passion to help people to thrive by every means necessary. “No excuses, No complaints, No criticisms…Just Go!”

” The Peaceful Black Warrior!”


Thanks for listening!


“Just Go!” Don’t Stop.

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Deep Meditation

<p class=”p1″>Meditation is the primary method of cultivating the inner peace and happiness that we all long for. – Through deep meditation.

Samyama is a deep meditation practice that takes advantage of resident inner stillness (silence). The practice of Samyama establishes in us that sense of “seeing stillness in action and action in stillness.” In this state, our desires become expressions of our inner silence and find fulfillment in ways we could not have actually anticipated.

With samyama, once the meditation time is up, rest follows for about a minute or more and shifts into samyama. The state starts with a simple state of not thinking, simply resting in silence. If ideas come, they are just let go without entertaining them. In samyama practice, mantra (sound) is not amused either, not preferring anything however being easy in silence. The beginning point for samyama is silence. The only requirement for doing samyama practice is having some inner silence. Most people attain this after a few months of daily deep meditation.

Deep meditation however is frequently wrongly assumed with having to sit completely put up in legs intertwined annoyingly and washing all ideas from the minds, or having a complete one-pointed concentration. This is just not so. Deep meditation for various individuals may vary, and each of them may have their own ways and practices of practicing meditation, but whatever way or practice they have picked, the goal will always be more or less the same, achieving inner peace and happiness.

For some individuals, deep meditation is just about “not doing”. They just get themselves deeply unwinded, the body resting comfortably on the back, listening to beautiful, streaming music and just letting go. They form an ideal frame of mind for more conventional meditation, such as prayer or just enjoying the terrific energy gushing through the body.

Deep meditation practices give us insight into both the basic nature of our being. We find a location in ourselves which is already whole and always in consistency, and we discover to live from a clearer center and reach into the inner part of us that results to efficiency and happiness.

Samyama is a deep meditation practice that takes benefit of resident inner stillness (silence). Deep meditation nevertheless is frequently incorrectly assumed with having to sit perfectly set up in legs linked uncomfortably and cleaning all thoughts from the minds, or having a complete one-pointed concentration. Deep meditation for different people might differ, and each of them might have their own ways and practices of meditating, but whatever way or practice they have selected, the objective will always be more or less the very same, achieving inner peace and joy.

Deep meditation practices offer us insight into both the essential natures of our being.

Just Go!” Don’t Stop.

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I Asked God….


I asked God to give me enough time to build and leave my Legacy for my family before I check out of this realm. The answer was: “You have ALL the time in the world because there is no time in the REAL world so just do NOW – HERE and be thankful before you return to NO – WHERE which is where you came from.”

(true story)

Let that sink in.


We started from nothing and now we are here.



Just Go!” Don’t Stop.

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How To Heal From Trauma Theo Fleury

Date: 2018-03-29 21:19:50

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Olympic superstar and NHL All-Star Theo Fleury shares his harrowing story of abuse in a powerful speech about the need to start a conversation around trauma and mental health.

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Just Go!” Don’t Stop.

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Attainment of the Redemptive Self

<p class=”p1″>The distinction between soul and self is challenging and very complicated to comprehend as given that ages saints are anticipating find the response about the psyche of soul and self. Self is our inner being or ego and soul is incarnation of ones identity or self awareness. Inning accordance with numerous philosophical and religious teachings, soul is never-ceasing and is highly related to life after the death. The soul can be thought about as an essence of the person that is related to something beyond this universe. The piece of soul and self has different undertones in various mentors.

Attainment of the Redemptive Self

In Buddhism soul is sometimes called as alter ego or self and inning accordance with Buddhist mentor everything worldwide in impermanent that is nothing is stable in this world not even deep space, the stars, or other terrestrial bodies. Anitya as impermanence is in some cases called kinds an extremely important part of Buddhism 3 marks of presence. Samsara that is the cycle of death and birth focuses on this idea of flux or impermanence or in other words, it implies that human life focuses on this flux. It explains as everything in this world is triggered to change therefore any kind of attachment or affection to the worldly pleasures is worthless and futile and it can be put to end through nirvana. Nirvana is a Buddhist idea that refers to the ultimate truth of life or that transcendental happiness that one can obtain through knowledge. Bodhi or enlightenment is the sub awareness within an individual that can obtain with the pure peace of mind or the true awareness of the nature of universe. When the ten psychological fretters that tie humans in the cycle of suffering gets discharges than it causes the achievement of true self. To understand the stage of soul and self it is very important firstly to comprehend the four honorable facts taught in Buddhism.

The nature of dukkha explains that life is complete of sufferings or dukkha. Nirodha refers to the be complimentary which indicates liberty from desires or offering up cessation of dukkha and the last one is Magga that is the way or eight fold course that leads to the cessation of dukkha.

These were the Buddhist views according to Hinduism the term soul in Sanskrit is called jiva or atman. Inning accordance with the spiritual scripture of Hindus that is Bhagavad Gita the soul is called Purusha. It is thought about as a part of god and consists of 3 main characteristics. Sat that is truth and existence, chit that means attaining the true understanding of our awareness and Ananda that is the everlasting happiness. Sikhism however, thinks about soul or atma to be the part and parcel of Parmatma or God. Various mentors have set of different concepts and ideals about the hidden significance of soul and self.

However prior to understanding, all these deep mentors it is crucial that you initially understand your inner being and that can be done through meditation and yoga. Meditation implies focusing on a thought so as to create self awareness and a positive attitude. A positive mindset will not only produce self-confidence in you but it will also show in your everyday life and thus you can understand the hidden significance of your life.

The difference in between soul and self is very intricate and challenging to comprehend as considering that ages saints are looking forward to discover the response about the mind of soul and self. Self is our inner being or ego and soul is version of ones identity or self awareness. In Buddhism soul is often called as modify ego or self and according to Buddhist teaching whatever in the world in impermanent that is absolutely nothing is steady in this world not even the universe, the stars, or any other terrestrial bodies. To understand the phase of soul and self it is really essential firstly to understand the 4 worthy truths taught in Buddhism.

Various mentors have sets of various concepts about the hidden significance of soul and self.

Just Go!” Don’t Stop.

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Acknowledging Sensations and Emotions

<p class=”p1″>We’ll start with a concern:

Exactly what is a value?

I ‘d state it’s something you have an intense feeling or emotion about, usually so intense you would never cross its border.


Have you ever crossed a moral border? It does not feel excellent does it. They are an emotion manifested in a sensation; they manifest in the essence of your soul, which, in turn, is the really shape of your identity.

When you cross an ethical limit you go against a really strong feeling your soul has, and in doing this you are defying your very own nature and it leaves you feeling terrible.

Why did you cross that boundary? Due to the fact that you didn’t acknowledge the feelings which were of your own nature, it’s easy–. Due to a lack of understanding of your own nature maybe from a pressure troubled you from your immediate surrounds.

How do I begin to feel? It is easy. Start with a thought, not simply any idea but a crucial idea. Attempt quietly, just for a couple of seconds observing your immediate feelings from a taking place in your life; it can be basic or a life altering thing.

Acknowledge it by resolving that this is how you feel about this, however don’t stop there and close yourself off to it. Try to understand it, as it belongs of you and there for a factor– your soul might be trying to inform you something

Acknowledging your real sensations is more than just stating “Yes, I feel this way today”. It’s about using and feeling the sensation thought to it, and coming to a decision as to whether to act on it or not. Acknowledge your sensations in this method and it will result in an unwinded composure not just of your body, however of your ideas and mind too.

Why bother with any of this? Well, for one, acknowledging your sensations brings you into contact with the never-ceasing part of your own nature– your soul. This is very important as it is your soul that guides you and forms the world straight around you.

Due to the fact that of this, victims will always be victims; disappointed people will never ever be content and those who toxin their own excellent days with fantasies and nit picking will never ever more than happy.

Feelings are an analysis of occasions that happen to you in life; the interpreter is the soul and hence is the root of the sensation. Acknowledging these sensations leads you into contact with your soul and therefore a greater understanding of self.

Feelings and feelings can manifest stress in various locations of your body. For instance, there are considerate points in the sternocloidemastoid (the frontal muscle of your neck). When your feelings return up and are not handled, this muscle can end up being tight and lead to irritability, headaches and lot more.

Simply by handling a feeling, such as standing up for yourself can alleviate these muscles and conserve you from discomfort and suffering. This is just a physical manifestation of sensations, deeper feelings and feelings that are left in the “too hard basket” can result in lack of focus, hypertension, motivation & anxiety.

You merge with yourself and are complimentary to take pleasure in and observe life in all its splendor when you end up being one with your feelings. It is your feelings that guide you to the significances of the questions you are here to answer; they assist you to your niche in life where you are happiest and able to discover the most in the simplest of life’s ways.

For instance, it is your feelings and feelings which allow you to determine your biggest love in life– your very own identity! Acknowledging them would lead you to take that on as a physical occupation, and in doing so you dissolve among the biggest restraints of modern-day life– work. Since every day is play, in doing something you love you’ll never ever have to work once again!

Some people get a buzz from accounting, some from skateboarding, others from retail and still others from law. Since they do not need to, no one understands why or understands somebody elses enthusiasm however that’s OKAY!

It is the sensations and feelings your soul transfers to you that will lead you towards your real identity and the happiest life possible, and living a happy life is exactly what we all dream about, isn’t it?

They are an emotion manifested in a feeling; they manifest in the essence of your soul, which, in turn, is the very shape of your identity.

Try quietly, just for a few seconds observing your instant feelings from a taking place in your life; it can be easy or a life altering thing.

Acknowledging your real feelings is more than just saying “Yes, I feel this way right now”. Well, for one, acknowledging your sensations brings you into contact with the immortal part of your own nature– your soul. It is your sensations and feelings which allow you to recognize your biggest love in life– your own identity!

Just Go!” Don’t Stop.

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3 Ways To Understand The Law Of Attraction Better

<p class=”p1″>No doubt, you’ve probably seen “The Secret” and wished to know more about the law of attraction. There are lots of teachers out there discussing the law of destination, however the fact is that the law of destination is just a name.

No body is really 100% sure of what the law of destination really is or how it works. The fundamental premise is that like brings in like. You can envision yourself as a magnet drawing in all of the situations, individuals and things in your life. Your ideas, visions, and sensations all work to draw in particular things into your life. The much deeper you comprehend the law of destination, the more you understand that you alone are responsible for whatever in your life.

It’s also difficult to understand, when it appears that things just happen to you. Law of destination goes beyond your conscious mind, it also includes deep subconscious visions, feelings and ideas.

Comprehending the law of destination needs a life time of learning and experience. There are methods you can understand more about the law of attraction and use it to bring you more of what you desire in life.

Here they are;

1. Read books on the law of attraction– there have been numerous books written on it such as The Master Key System– By Charles Haanel, Seth Material– By Jane Roberts, Think & Grow Rich (The initial edition) by Napoleon Hill, Psycho-Cybernetics, Law of Attraction– by Michael Losier, and Art of Allowing– by Esther Hicks. Some of these may not utilize the term law of destination, however when reading the books you will come to understand the deeper level of exactly what law of attraction in fact indicates.

2. Exercise the law of attraction daily– even if you just learnt about this today, put it into practice. Look for proof of the important things you desire.

3. Be patient with yourself. The law of attraction is actually you. Don’t expect over night modifications from yourself. Be stabilized while still being open minded to excellent possibilities.

At the core, law of attraction is love. Even if you keep stating that you don’t desire something and you keep thinking about the things you do NOT desire, guess exactly what? The secret is to shift your focus on the things you do desire.

The much deeper you understand the law of tourist attraction, the more you understand that you alone are responsible for whatever in your life.

Comprehending the law of attraction needs a life time of knowing and experience. There are ways you can comprehend more about the law of attraction and utilize it to bring you more of what you want in life.

Just Go!” Don’t Stop

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