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My Daily Motivation: “Just Go!” Don’t Stop

I religiously visit this website several times daily just to listen to the Motivational Mixx “Just Go!”


Digital Wisdom: The Peaceful Black Warrior. Life Builder. “Encouraging, Teaching and helping others as I go through it myself.”…Just Go! Don’t Stop.
For most of my life, I have struggled financially, failed in numerous businesses & even was partially homeless at one point, waking up with lint & roaches in my pockets- standing in soup kitchen lines and crying through the night. I know what it feels like to loose just about everything to the point where my office became the public library, (which I still use occasionally) I’m calling clients from a payphone & asking them to pay me in cash because my bank account was so negative.

My family and I have learned gratefulness for the smallest things through living in lack for so long. I thank God they are still with me although there were times I almost lost them due to financial problems, being laid off with few skills, diabetes, hypertension and numerous other health, mental & financial problems. I know too well what it feels like to reach the end of yourself and beyond into that dark, paralyzing, lonely abyss of despair. What I found there (or what found me) was My Holy Spirit just waiting for me to fully surrender so that it could pick me up & carry me through. That is where I heard these two words from WITHIN spoken to to the core of my soul:

“Just Go!” (download that original song here: my true story

That has made ALL the difference. I am now turning my entire life around through conscious knowledge of self, education, law of attraction and enlightenment. I am also coaching others on how to do the same. It is my passion to help people to thrive by every means necessary. “No excuses, No complaints, No criticisms…Just Go!”

” The Peaceful Black Warrior!”


Thanks for listening!


“Just Go!” Don’t Stop.

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